Oregon Grown Garden Supply is your complete indoor and outdoor garden supply, with easy online ordering, and our brick-and-mortar store in Northeast Portland.

Our management team has over thirty years’ experience with indoor gardening, and our expertise is our customers’ gain.

We carry a wide variety and impressive selection of top-quality brands and product lines, including Fox Farms, Humboldt Nutrients, Botanicare, Advanced Nutrients, Gavita, Roots Organic, Promix Soil Amendment, Sunshine Dirt Amendments, and more.

OG Garden Supply offers information and supplies from start to finish. We have the know-how and the tools to aid:

  • garden setup (garden lights, ventilation, indoor growing tents, outdoor greenhouses, link here to the Sunlight Supply tool Joe mentioned for room setup)
  • propagation support (seed sprouting, cloning),
  • medium choices and nutrients (soil, coco, hydroponic)
  • mini microscopes (sexing, pest identification, assessing ripeness for harvest)
  • harvest tools (scissors, herb drying racks)

Whether you are an experienced or novice grower, we can help. We have the knowledge to explain various nutrient lines, and are keen on steering you toward those specifically geared toward high productivity and yields. Out-visit consulting is also available.

We offer some of the lowest prices around, having shopped around extensively throughout Portland and beyond to supply our store. Paired with our decades of experience, you can’t go wrong by tapping our resources at Oregon Grown Garden Supply.